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Service Tax Acts

( As per Chapter V of Financial Act, 1994 )

64. Extent, commencement and application.
65. Definitions
65A. Classification of taxable services
66. Charge of Service Tax
67. Valuation of taxable services for charging service tax
68. Payment of Service Tax
69. Registration
70. Furnishing of returns
71. Omitted
71A. Filing of returns by certain customers
72. Omitted*
73. Recovery of service tax not levied or paid or short levied or short paid or erroneously refunded
74. Rectification of Mistake
75. Interest on delayed payment of Service Tax
75A. Omitted**
76. Penalty for failure to pay service tax
77. Penalty for contravention of any provision for which no penalty is provided
78. Penalty for suppressing value of taxable service
79. Omitted***
80. Penalty not to be imposed in certain cases
81. Omitted****
82. Power to search premise
83. Application of certain provisions of Act 1 of 1944
83A. Power of adjudication.
84. Revision of orders by the Commissioner of Central Excise
85. Appeals to the Commissioner of Central Excise (Appeals).
86. Appeals to Appellate Tribunal
87. Recovery of any amount due to Central Government.
88. ***
89. *** (Omitted)
90. ****
91. *****
92. ******
93. Power to grant exemption from service tax
94. Power to make rules
95. Power to remove difficulties
96. Consequential amendment
96A. Advance Rulings
     Provision for Advance Act, 1994
     Service Tax Rules, 1993
     Application Form


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