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Frequently Asked Questions on Service Tax


In case I am required to pay Service Tax. How do I do it?
Where and how do I get Service Tax Registration Certificate?
Where do I get the application form ST-1?
What are the requirements to be complied with at the time of filing ST-1 form?
How soon after filing ST-1 can I expect to get the Service Tax Registration?
What is the legal provision for registration?
When should one take registration?
Whether I have to file separate ST-1 applications if I am providing more than one service?
Whether I have to take separate registration certificate if I am providing more than one service?
Whether I have to seek separate registration for each firm of mine located in same premises?
What facility is there in service tax provisions for me if I am having my business branches spread through out the country and I am having centralized billing system or centralized accounting system in respect of my business?
Who is the authority for granting such centralized registration?
Are there any guidelines in this regard?
What am I supposed to do with regard to registration in the following situations:-
  i) If I transfer my business to another person?
  ii) When I stop providing taxable service for which registration was taken
  iii) When constitution of my partnership firm changes?
  iv) If I start providing another service in addition to the service already being provided?
  v) What I am supposed to do if I stop rendering one of the taxable services being provided by me?
How do I find my jurisdictional Superintendent?
Am I to pay my Service Tax immediately after applying for registration?
Is there any penal provision for non-registration?
Is obtaining a PAN number from Income Tax Department a must for obtaining Service Tax registration?




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