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Frequently Asked Questions on Service Tax

Payment of Service Tax

Who will pay Service Tax?
Is there any exemption to Central/State Government Departments/PSUs?
In case, I am providing any of the specified services am I required to pay Service Tax ?
What is the payment scheduled for Service Tax?
Whether any other tax is to be paid with the Service Tax?
Is there any separate code number for payment of education cess?
How and where to deposit Service Tax?
Whether Service Tax can be paid on line?
What is the period for filing of ST-3/ST-3A return?
What are the prescribed records to be maintained by me as a service provider?
Whether any documents are required to be attached with ST-3/ST-3A (ST-3 A is to be filed in provisional assessment cases)?
Whether ST-3 return is to be filed in case, no services are provided during half-year period?
What if I do not declare the value of outstanding taxable services realized during the half year period when no services are provided?
What if I do not pay my Service Tax by the due date?
Who can avail facility of e-filing of returns?
Can the department ask more information than what assessee is submitting to it in the form ST-1 and ST-3?
What should a bill or invoice issued by service provider contain?
On what amount Service Tax is to be paid?
Whether Service Tax is payable after providing the service or after the receipt of service charges?

Is the Service Tax payable by the assessee even in cases where his clients do not pay for the service(s) rendered or when the client pays only a part of the bill raised in this regard?

Can any adjustment of tax liability be made?






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